About us

The VR Connection group includes a publisher of distribution platforms dedicated to the management of immersive content and an Economic Interest Group formed by more than a hundred content production studios. The group thus has access to more than 400 French talents in all the areas of immersive technologies to constitute the most important collaborative production force in the sector. By structuring the sector behind a single contact point, VR Connection can meet a strong demand without compromising on quality or deadlines, and implement the required ingredients for the immersive transition of industries.

Carte de France et de Suisse des adhérents VR Connection

The group is open to all immersive technologies stakeholder who wish to participate in major immersive or complex projects and who desire to build the success of the French national sector

Why joining us?

Because complex projects require expertise that you do not have in-house, because project management is not your core business, because you want to develop sustainably, because you believe in the strength of a group, because you have the ambition to participate in the creation of an internationally recognized sector, because you want to go further.

Mise en synergie des différentes expertises par Vr Connection

Synergy from different expertises

Montée en compétences par VR Connection

Skills development

Capitalisation des réalisations par VR Connection

Capitalising on achievements

Augmentation de la visibilité par VR Connection

Increased visibility

Augmentation des canaux de diffusion par VR Connection

Access to new markets

Augmentation de la force de production par VR Connection

Working with peers

« Together we are building the future of immersive media in Europe. ».​