VR Ethics Committee

The VR Ethics Committee is an independent group of psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, researchers, immersion experts, immersive content producers and major companies. It was set up at the initiative of VR Connection EIG, the French immersive solutions industry, and is chaired by Mr. Franck Rougeau.

Comité d'éthique VR par VR Connection

The VR Ethics Committee aims to :

Travaux du comité éthique VR de VR Connection

Setting a framework for the use of VR

Define the rules to be respected and issue recommendations to principals and content producers in order to limit undesirable effects

Travaux du comité éthique VR de VR Connection

Creating an impact label for VR experiences

Create the equivalent of PEGI VR to classify immersive content produced by studios. It aims to inform mainstream users about the intensity of the impact generated by the experience

Travaux du comité éthique VR de VR Connection

Provide advisory opinions

Each month the committee meets to make progress on these two missions. It also provides an advisory opinion on issues raised by the players in the immersive technology sector

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