HESTIA, the plug and play hardware and software solution for consumer market broadcasting

The HESTIA terminal is easy to install and to use, with an ergonomic design that guarantees the user’s autonomy. It is CE certified for use in public areas. (Powered by VRC XP)

Logo Hestia blanc par VR Connection

HESTIA VR, the first pod that simplifies VR and gives you access to a catalog of virtual reality worlds.

Hestia is a terminal equipped with a touch screen allowing you to enjoy various virtual reality applications. Developed and produced by VR Connection, this plug-and-play solution is equipped with our VRCxp catalog.

We offer a simple solution with a software that can be updated remotely. The device is perfectly adapted for your events but also your showrooms, arcades, professional training centers, etc.

Features of HESTIA

  • Oculus, Vive, and WindowsMR compatible
  • Touchscreen user interface
  • High performance: i5, GTX2080, 32GB ram
  • Secure to CE standards
  • Identification by NFC reader,
  • Identification by QR reader,
  • or free access.
  • Integrated network switch
  • Customisable LED colours
  • Height 2050 mm
  • Width 820 mm
  • Weight: 100kg
borne Hestia par VR Connection